Expert Consultation

deAsra’s panel of professionals brings years of expertise in various business verticals like operations, management and more. Achieve your business goals effectively with their guidance and knowledge.

Note :

Expert Consultation Service offers you a 1-hour consultation session. However, the package of 3 sessions is valid for 3 months wherein you can meet a maximum of 3 experts for 1 hour per session.

Benefits of Expert Consultation

deAsra’s Expert Consultation service of 1 session and package of 3 sessions allows you to:

  • Get inputs and suggestions from experts belonging to various business sectors
  • Get corrective action items from these experts to improve your business
  • Avail repetitive sessions with experts that will help you to review your business performance

Expert Consultation Offerings

Valid for 1 month

@ ₹ 590 (Inclusive of GST)

Valid for 3 months

₹ 1,770 ₹ 1,534 (Inclusive of GST)

You Save ₹ 236 (20%)



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