Zoom Live on 5 ways to reduce tension in tough times.

Date :

May 22 2020

Time :

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Address :


Stay Calm & March-on

5 ways to reduce tension in tough times. 

How to stay calm when you are locked-in and carry on with business.

Many challenges at your mental level might disturb you like present uncertainty about business and finances. Tension, Fear, Anxiety and probable stress also might surround you that can add to your worry and thoughts that distract you from working. 

Hear from Anand, a health psychologist, how to change this situation to a positive state of mind fruitful for working. 

Who Should attend?

  •  Anyone who is running a business.
  •  Anyone who is planning to start a small business.

Takeaways from the workshop

5 Psychological tips to cope up with the situation.

    • Positive thinking 
    • How to utilise time effectively during the lockdown.
    • Exercise and Physical Fitness
    • Yoga and Meditation
    • Managing relationships 


Outline of the Workshop: – 30 minutes

3-5 Intro: About the situation and the speaker

5 min – question 1 (case example – a story connected to present problems)

5 min – question 2 

5 – techniques for physical and mental health

5 min – Questions 3 and 4 towards the closing remarks  (summarizing and bringing up learnings from the session.)

Speakers :

Dr. Anand Godse ( Consulting health psychologist, doctorate in Suryanamaskar and mental health )

Dr. Anand Godse leads the entrepreneur program at deAsra. He has more than 12 years of experience in teaching, training, research, coaching and counselling. He has facilitated more than 1000 drum circles with more than 350 organizations and has conducted around 150 training programs

Vaishali Aparajit ( Head- Operations, deAsra deAsra Foundation )

An Electronic Engineer by education, Vaishali also chose to tap into Personnel Management, HRM, Research Methodology, Operations Management, Corporate and Client Relationship Management through her further academic degrees and excellence. With thorough experience with deAsra Foundation and its entrepreneurs, Vaishali now heads the Partnerships and Content Development wing at deAsra Foundation. Excelling herself in Project Management, She helps the organisation achieve bigger timelines seamlessly through the PM tools and techniques.

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