Reply To: Ask the Expert: Dr. Jyoti Gogte

Jyoti Gogte
16 Feb 2022 @ 11:06am

Best Practices For Managing A Healthy Cash Flow:
1) Always Keep Buffer Money
2) collect your dues/ overdues
3) Control Cash Outflows
4) Cost cutting
5) Create A Separate Bank Account For Your Business
6) Do not focus on profit, focus on cashflow
7) Find out Hidden Costs
8) Generate New Customers
9) Implement Better System To Manage Cash Flow
10) Keep Your Cash Growing
11) Make a list of monthly expenses
12) Make budget
13) Monitor Your Inventory Efficiently
14) Negotiate your payments with suppliers. …
15) Outsource few activities
16) Pay bills strategically
17) plan your instalments if you have bank loan
18) Priotise your expenses
19) Revisit pricing
20) Schedule Appointments
21) Take a Disciplined Approach to Your Finances.
22) Use technology to make and accept payments.