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deAsra Admin
29 Dec 2021 @ 01:06pm

Welcome to the deAsra Discussion Forum – A convenient new space for you to grow your business network. We aim to create an interactive platform where business owners, associates and experts can explore all-things-business under one roof. Start interesting conversations, suggest solutions to queries, interact with new people and much more!

Let’s ring in 2022 with some motivation:

What are the business challenges you faced in 2021 and how did you overcome them?
Share your inspirational story in the comments section below.

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Amit Asnikar
06 Jan 2022 @ 01:10pm

Last year due to pandemic , it was difficult to manage communication with my team, which is from rural Maharashtra.

Telephone, virtual meet were the ones most used mediums to be in touch, but again with limited efficiency.

Still social media was only tool to communicate other than telephone, which I used most to overcome the communications issues. I learnt a lot of social media, which otherwise would not have been possible.

deAsra Admin
06 Jan 2022 @ 01:15pm

It is good to know that businesses from rural areas are also using social media for communication in hard times.