Arun Vartak





Years of experience

34+ years

About Arun Vartak

Mr. Arun Vartak is a senior mentor at deAsra Foundation. He has 34+ years of experience in banking, operations, administration, credit processing and credit management.


Mr. Vartak’s passion for helping entrepreneurs is what led him to be a part of mentors’ panel at deAsra Foundation. He specializes in assisting small business entrepreneurs in the field of credit management and various other financial quality content. He is a keen supporter of various events, workshops & seminars conducted by the foundation. These workshops often require expertise in loans, bank schemes, cash management which are his forte.

His tenure includes 34+ years at banks such as State Bank of India, Janata Sahakari, Saraswat Co-operative and various other management institutions. During his tenure, he was in charge of handling the credit processing cell along with other fields such as banking, financial services, accounting, marketing of services, financial education delivery, financial education content development and design of delivery system.

Due to his vast experience, he is able to deliver his views and guidance in the simplest manner to all aspiring and existing entrepreneurs and in-house team members at deAsra.

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