Ashok Magdum





Years of experience

37+ years

About Ashok Magdum

Mr. Ashok Magdum is a senior mentor at deAsra Foundation. He has 37+ years of experience in banking, law, finance and psychology. He was a member of the board of administration at Maharashtra State Co-operative bank, Mumbai between 2015-17.


Mr. Ashok Magdum has been with deAsra Foundation since its inception. His role in the foundation is to provide assistance in making effective bank proposals and facilitating in getting them approved, something that the entrepreneur finds really challenging.

Mr. Magdum brings with him a unique set of skills and expertise in fields of banking, law, finance. With an experience of over four decades in the public sector bank (Bank of Maharashtra), he is always open to helping entrepreneurs from different sectors in their business journey.

Accuracy, precision and a keen eye for detailing is what sets him apart. His passion for economics, in-depth understanding of it at macro and micro levels is what makes him vital in guiding various policy level decisions.

Mr. Magdum had been a badminton enthusiast in his young age and still is a keen follower of the game. He enjoys travelling & reading in his leisure time. His receptiveness and approachability for entrepreneurs is what he believes to be the key towards understanding the problems faced by them.

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