Sudhir Gijare



Education/Qualification, LLB, CAIIB, MPM

Years of experience

40+ years

About Sudhir Gijare

Mr. Sudhir Gijare is a senior mentor at deAsra Foundation. He has 40+ years of experience in mentoring entrepreneurs, assessing their techno economic viability & preparing project reports for appropriate funding arrangements and financing SMEs. His experience also includes working in the area of risk management, credit management and international banking.


Mr. Sudhir Gijare has been with deAsra foundation right from its inception. He plays a role of senior mentor to guide entrepreneurs with issues of cash liquidity crunch which is a crucial factor for the sustainability of small businesses. His inputs have been integral in the development of a user friendly ‘Business Transaction Tracker’. It is a simplified software template which eases maintaining of books of accounts for entrepreneurs. This has simplified the process of cash flow management for entrepreneurs.

He brings with him a rich experience of 40+ years in industrial finance, risk management, credit management, international banking and more. During his tenure with State Bank of India (SBI), he launched the first of its kind online vendor finance portal for ease of credit assessment and management.

Post retirement he was associated with prominent management institutes like Symbiosis Institute of distance learning, Suryadatta College & Bharati Vidyapeeth on SME finance and International Banking.

He is also an avid Yoga practitioner.

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