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What is QR Code

QR code is a code which can be scanned from the display and payment is completed using it.
QR code is displayed in the shop/office/stationary items of the business which can be scanned by the users to pay for the services used. Irrespective of the payment mode or location of the user, money is directly credited into the seller’s/business’s account.

Takeaways from this checklist

1. Know what is QR code

2. Know ways of collecting digital payments using QR code

3. Know how to activate QR code payments for your business

Benefits of QR code

1. It helps save efforts in cash collection

2. It helps save money on resources to collect cash, eliminating the need to purchase any separate hardware

3. It helps reduce cash leakages

4. It creates a bank record of the business if income is recorded in the bank account