deAsra now in Kolhapur

Kolhpaur has an exceptional background of business. Be it an industrial city or Kolhapuri Chappal business, Kolhapur has always been progressive in various businesses. For developing this entrepreneurial spirit and giving it a new direction by creating a valuable name in the business world, deAsra Foundation, Pune is ready to commence its operations in Kolhapur.

deAsra Foundation, a not for profit organization formed to contribute to social welfare by enabling entrepreneurship expands its operations to now serve new small business entrepreneurs in Kolhapur. Established by Dr. Anand Deshpande, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Persistent System Ltd. deAsra Foundation aims to generate 1,00,000 jobs by 2020 by facilitating the creation of 25,000 entrepreneurs.

By supporting 2000+ customers, deAsra foundation has established strong roots in Pune. The organization is currently catering to the business requirements of entrepreneurs from most of the parts of Maharashtra through technological and virtual means, now deAsra is set to support aspiring and existing entrepreneurs in Kolhapur.The organisation works to cater the business needs of entrepreneurs in most of the parts of Maharashtra with the alliance and support of mentors and information technology.

In order to guide the entrepreneurs in a scientific manner and provide assistance in raising capital through banks, deAsra announced the working of its operations in Kolhapur in the press conference.

For guidance, the entrepreneurs can connect with deAsra on 020-65365300 and schedule an appointment. The Udyog Mitras at deAsra would connect with the interested entrepreneurs through telephonic or video conferencing means. Samidha Pratishthan will provide assistance at local level. If anyone faces difficulties in getting connected with deAsra, one can approach Samidha Pratishtan’s office and utilise the facilities provided there.

deAsra is known for giving an hassle free approach to those who want to start, manage or grow their businesses by guiding them through the entire process flawlessly, by providing end- to – end facilitation and hand-holding support in their business journey. deAsra has developed an ecosystem by partnering with various banks & financial institutions, educational institutions, vocational training institutes, government and semi-government organizations, and providing mentor consultancy with industry experts.

In Kolhapur deAsra has created partnerships with; Bank of Maharashtra, Mahalakshmi Bank, Kalyan Janata Sahakari Bank, Vishweshwar Bank, Janata Sahakari Bank & Rajarambapu Sahakari Bank, to help entrepreneurs with facilitation of loans to start and grow their businesses.

“As these entrepreneurs start new businesses, we’ve witnessed their power to create new jobs and help to shape local economies. Our entrepreneurship initiatives give young men and women the foundational knowledge, training, and resources to start, lead, and grow small businesses.” Says Mr. Anand Deshpande