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What is included in Business Feasibility Study and Report?

Business Identification

Business identification is deciding business activity to be started by considering few key points such as, type of business, way of doing business, place of business, business name, target customers, supporting members, mission statement etc.

Competition Study

Identifying your competitors and evaluating their strategies, strengths, weaknesses as compared to those of your own product or service. It includes the study of number of competitors, market and trend analysis, services offered and pricing structure of competitors etc.

Define Services/ Products

After deciding the type, way of doing business and competition study it is essential to define services or products to be offered. Also pricing of each unit of product or service is necessary for further business planning.

Capital & Day to day Expenses

Capital expenditure is an amount required to be spent to acquire assets in order set a business. These are the estimated cost for start-up, space deposit, machines, equipment, furniture etc.

A business also incurs expenses on ongoing basis towards electricity, purchase of raw material, labour, transport, rent, repairs and maintenance, office expenses etc.

Estimate Sales

Assessing the sale of each product or service offered will form a basis for estimating annual sales/revenue of the proposed business. Factors like seasonal trends, change in demand, bulk orders, festive sale, opening different sales channels, introducing new products or service lines etc. should be considered.

Need and Sources of Funds

Businesses need finance for different purposes, but there are some common reasons why businesses require funding.
This can include loans to:
start a business, run the business and grow the business.
Sources of funds could be Banks (nationalized, private, co-operative), NBFCs, Government Schemes and Subsidies etc.

Our Partners

deAsra is associated with many organizations in the mission of promoting mass entrepreneurship. These organizations include funding partners, service partners, like minded NGO’s and CSR’s working towards generating jobs through entrepreneurship, and entrepreneur clubs. We believe that the more people that join this mission, the faster we will be able to solve the problem of job generation faced by the country today.

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