Business Loan Sarathi

Project Report aur Loan Interview Tips

About Business Loan Sarathi

The Business Loan Sarathi package offers the preparation of a funding proposal along with expert guidance on loan interviews.

The Package includes:
Funding Proposal Creation + Expert Consultation worth ₹ 4130

Avail now at ₹ 3699   Save ₹ 431 (10%)

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Benefits of the package

Here are some benefits of our Business loan Sarathi package:-

  • It provides detailed project reports in the format required by financial institution to process business loan application.
  • After getting a detailed funding-ready proposal, you will receive an expert consultancy. It will help you to understand the proposal and to prepare for the loan interview. This will give you a clear idea of how to prepare yourself for the questions asked by lenders/bankers
  • This is a cost-effective package
  • Preparation for the interview will give you better insight into the funding ready proposal

No, the package does not provide a guarantee of getting funds, however, it will increase your chances of getting funds from financial institutions.

In one-on-one online session, an expert will guide and help you to prepare for the interview with the lender.

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