5 Simple Steps to Connect With Your Coach

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Attend the orientation


Receive selection announcement


Confirm your participation


Join the kick-off

Program Offering

  • Entrepreneurs (mentees) are matched with their coaches based on profiles and needs. They are then introduced to one another via email by HBOB.
  • Mentees and coaches arrange to communicate online (at their convenience). We encourage our mentees to speak to their coach at least once in fifteen days.
  • Mentees submit their business plans after consulting their coach.
  • Mentees then submit the final set of goals to their coach based on the decided business plan.
  • Coaches only act as guides to the entrepreneurs. They are not business consultants or service providers.
  • The coaches don’t all belong to the same industry and will not necessarily solve industry-specific challenges.
  • Mentees can reach out to the assigned coach at any time, over a period of 4 months. All communication is to be conducted online, at the mutual convenience of the coach and participant.
  • Coach Connect requires entrepreneurs/mentees to be committed to learning and listening, working on their business plan, costing, long-term goals, etc. and implementing the suggestions received from their coaches.
  • We are committed to protecting the emotional, physical, and mental safety of its women entrepreneurs. We are committed to providing a safe space for women entrepreneurs. In case you face any issues please free to write to us at or
  • Coaches are industry experts, several being GALLUP-certified and executive coaches with years of experience in mentoring entrepreneurs.
  • The matching of entrepreneurs/mentees and coaches is based on the profiles of both the parties.
  • While entrepreneurs/mentees may specifically ask for a male or female coach, they cannot choose their coach.
  • If you prefer communicating in any language besides Hindi or English, we will try to accommodate

Meet a few of the many renowned coaches with whom you will spend 4 months, learning, applying and evolving!

  • Please note, entrepreneurs and coaches are matched by HBOB, based on their respective profiles. Candidates may specify their preference for a male or female coach, however, they cannot choose a particular coach
  • Coaches do not belong to the same industry and must not be expected to solve industry-specific challenges
  • Entrepreneur and business information will be kept confidential between GAME, HBOB and deAsra


You will learn how to:
– Define a business plan and accelerate business goals
– Leverage the vast knowledge and experience of your coaches
– Work towards generating greater income

– The chosen coaches are industry experts with several years of mentoring experience. Some of them are also GALLUP-certified
– A monitoring mechanism ensures regular meetups between coaches with mentees. TI further assimilates assessments and feedback from the participating members.

Yes, the mandatory steps to follow include:
Step 1 – Registration for the online orientation webinar.
Step 2 – Attending the orientation webinar
An online meeting is held for participants to reiterate the details of the program and set right expectations.
Step 3 – Filling the EPQ
Those who attend the orientation will get a link to fill an EPQ (Entrepreneur Profile Questionnaire). This helps us understand the needs of the entrepreneurs.
Now, we will select entrepreneurs based on their profiles. deAsra is more likely to select an entrepreneur’s application. Rejection is rare and applies to extreme cases.

For the benefit of aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, deAsra Foundation (‘the Company’) has in collaboration with Her Business Our Business (‘HBOB’) and Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (‘GAME’) launched the Coach Connect Program (‘the Program’) to provide coaching to entrepreneurs.
The following are the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) with respect to the program. You hereby agree and explicitly consent to:

  • The matching/pairing of the entrepreneurs and the coaches (collectively called ‘Parties’) will be undertaken by HBOB based on the profiles of both the Parties. At the discretion of HBOB, entrepreneurs may request for a male or a female coach, however, they shall not get to choose their coach.
  • The coaches may not belong to the same industry in which the entrepreneur is operating, hence, should not be expected to solve industry-specific challenges.
  • Your profile and data shall be shared between GAME, HBOB and the Company.

You must be able to commit at least 2 hours a month, for a period of 4 months. The frequency of online meetings may be determined mutually by the coach and mentee.

Our partners in the journey

deAsra, in association with several organisations, has taken up the cause of promoting mass entrepreneurship. Such organisations include funding partners, service partners, like-minded NGOs and CSRs that work towards generating jobs through entrepreneurship, and entrepreneur clubs.