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Shop Act Intimation includes:

1. Name of the Establishment

2. Name and address of the Business Owner.

3. Total number of employees engaged in the business activity.

4. Nature of the Business activity.

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5 Simple Steps For Shop Act Registration Online*

*it takes 40 to 50 minutes to fill the Shop Act Intimation form and may vary considering any technical glitches.

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What are the benefits of a Shop Act?

Shop Act Intimation makes the business compliant with the applicable labour law.

Shop act certificate is generated immediately after filling online form and submitting required documents and information

Shop act is a prerequisite for availing benefits from different government schemes.

Shop Act helps in smooth inspection if conducted by the State government and local municipality authorities.

Business owner incurs one time cost for getting the Shop Act.

getting a business loan

Shop Act Intimation is now an online and convenient process.

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Shop Act is a State implemented Act, hence, its applicability will change from State to State.

deAsra assists in Shop Act application for businesses located only in Maharashtra

In case of a food business, you will have to first apply for FSSAI Registration or License and then you can apply for the Shop Act.

Shop Act is just an Intimation or Registration document, wherein the entrepreneur informs the Labour Department about the existence of their business. Shop Act is not a piece of evidence specifying the place of business or that the business exists.  Hence, Shop Act cannot be used as an address proof or proof of existence of the business.

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