WWW Networking Meet

Event Details: WWW invites all woman entrepreneurs and start up founders to join this super succeeding networking meet of women who win

J4E Entrepreneurs’ Networking Gala Meet


J4E Entrepreneurs’ Networking Gala Meet is a unique Networking meet for entrepreneurs. During this meet there will be around 60 Entrepreneurs. This meet helps entrepreneurs to generate more leads and build strong rapport with other members.

Who should attend 

  • New Businesses Owners
  • Women Entrepreneurs

Format & Takeaways of the event 

  • Open networking
  • Every Member’s 1 Min Members introduction
  • 3 Round table introduction
  • Sharing of connections
  • Lead generation same day

deAsra’s Small Business Networking Meet – March 2022

About the meet –
Networking for small businesses, plays an important role in the growth of the business. Understanding what other businesses do and working together with them for exchange of strengths is an important element of growth. Networking can bring leads, referrals, business collaboration opportunities and learning opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Who should attend –

  • Small businesses who wish to collaborate & grow
  • Product & service based businesses

Takeaways from the event –

  • Experience of interacting with other small businesses
  • Increase strengths of the business
  • Collaborate for diversification & expansion of the business

Organized by-

in association with –

Attending the following orientation session is compulsory, in order to join the networking meet. 

The link for this session will be shared with you over email and SMS once the registration process is completed.

You are requested to keep following few things handy for this session –

  1. Business Logo
  2. Business Name
  3. Business Sector
  4. 5-6 lines about your business
  5.  Business Shop Act/FSSAI/PAN Card

Date – 23rd March 2022
Time – 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Platform – Zoom Platform