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Accounting statements and positioning of the business play a crucial role in the journey of a particular business. This session will help you understand how these accounting statements and numbers should be referred to while making various business decisions

Who should attend

  • Existing Entrepreneurs
  • Decision Makers

Key Takeaways

  • Utility of accounting statements for decision making
  • Cost derivation of the products based on accounting statements

Speaker(s) at the Event

CMA Sunil Joshi

Founder - Finance Forum

A finance professional with thorough experience in finance, accounting, management accounting and controls – mostly with multinationals, based in Pune. He is also teaches management accounting to students and professionals. He is keen to extend his expertise to the entrepreneurs and help them make justified decision making for the betterment and growth of their businesses.


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Accounting for Business Decisions

Language of delivery: Hindi & English

11:30 am - 1:30 pm

06 May 2022

Create Book Cafe, LG22, Ashoka Mall, Bund Garden Road, Pune 411004