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In today’s competitive edge, all organizations are gearing up to meet the challenges caused by market forces. The companies are striving hard to improve the quality, improve the cycle time and reduce the costs. Eliminate the Unnecessary and simplify the necessary” is the need of the hour and the stores department can contribute significantly to ensure same.

Stores personnel play an important role in flow synchronization which leads to cycle time reduction and in making the stores’ space available for value added work.

Stores can significantly contribute to profit if operates effectively. Poor performance of the stores department directly affects the production and delivery schedules. Hence, the people working in the stores department must understand their roles and responsibilities as well as the importance of effective and efficient stores management.

This will be a 2 days session – 8th & 9th June 2022

Who Should Attend

  • Stores & Materials personnel (Store Keepers, Officers & Managers)
  • Owners and CEOS of MSMEs
  • Logistic Service Providers

Key Takeaways

  • Overview of Supply Chain
  • Definition & Organization of Stores / Warehouse, Inventory, Need of Inventory
  • Objectives & Functions of Stores / Warehouse
  • Layout – Definition, Objective, Types
  • Location system
  • Classification of Inventory (ABC/VED/FSN/HML/SDE) – Objective, types & importance
  • Codification – Definition, Types, Methodology, Requirement & Advantages
  • Transactions of Stores & accounting
  • Material handling – Objective, Need
  • Preservation of material
  • Scrap & Waste management
  • Stock verification – Objective, types & methods
  • Losses of Stores & its Prevention
  • Duties & Responsibility of Stores Manager
  • Performance of Stores / Warehouse

Program will be highly interactive with PPT Presentation along with Case Studies. It will be conducted in Hindi and Marathi language as per the convenience of the participants.


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Excellence in Stores and Inventory Management

Language of delivery: Hindi & English

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

07 Jun 2022

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