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Digital Selling is about leveraging your social network to nurture lasting relationships amplifying trust to build sales pipeline and grow revenue. Social selling is change in approach to customer acquisition, retention, marketing strategy and sales funnel. Sales teams need to focus on customer acquisition but with every sales rep being a content creator and leveraging right connections.

This mastery will help sales guys to –

  • Digital Sales – Account Selection / Account Prioritization / Compelling Stories
  • Digital Sales Funnel
  • Digital Prospecting
  • Account Management and Engagement
  • Upsell

About the Masterclass
Serial Entrepreneur, author, Keynote speaker and coach Amit Jadhav teaches you the craft of customer acquisition with the fine art of leveraging social connections with the content sauce. Amit teaches how putting a purposeful digital strategy augmented with lead generation can make all the difference in your sales pipeline. This Masterclass is a distilled experience of 20 years of learning technology sales marketing into a concise, actionable, result oriented experience that will transform your sales and marketing efforts. This is the blueprint version of, a technique used by successful professionals and corporations designed by Amit Jadhav. This is not a powerpoint based Masterclass, this is a real kickass ‘do-it’ approach to real time outcome based results. All the material provided (this is world class) including Pre-Masterclass online homework will be an experience you must have never gone through. It involves sync approach of data, customer intent recognition – intervention tools, identify the right pieces of content as per buyer persona and many other aspects.

Major Takeaways

  • Optimize and make social profiles more customer-centric
  • Find buyers and conduct digital research
  • Engage buyers effectively
  • Share content, develop relationships and more!
  • Know and implement real workable strategies to acquire customers
  • Tools to help you create your content including graphics, media, copywriting all with no prior experience.
  • Proven techniques on LinkedIn with workable messaging templates and engagement tactics to grow your lead generation efforts.

Who Should Attend

  • If you are on LinkedIn, Facebook and want to grow business but are stuck this is for you.
  • If you are an entrepreneur struggling with multiple responsibilities and are looking to outsource your sales to the ‘internet’ this is for you.
  • If you’re responsible for sales or marketing whatever your level is be it VP or rep. close your eyes, this is for you.
  • If you are a SME in B2B and are looking to automate your social presence this is for you.
  • If you are in the media or in a business where the internet is medium, this is for you.


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Full Day Training Session on Digital Sales

Language of delivery: Hindi & English

4:30 am - 11:30 am

04 Aug 2022

Conference Hall No. 6, MCCIA Trade Tower (5th Floor), Maharashtra