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Sales is a very important element for a business to grow and develop. We often confuse sales with marketing. These two activities go hand in hand but have a very thin line between. Sales is more about understanding the customer, their needs, their taste and building a relation with the prospective customer, while marketing is about catering to the customer needs by placing the product to fulfill those needs. Small businesses must concentrate on the Sales pattern of their business keenly in order to grow.

Who should attend

  • New micro & small businesses who wish to build a strong & sustainable sales pattern
  • Existing micro & small businesses who wish to experiment new sales techniques for growth of the business

Takeaways from the event

  • Understand what kind of sales is necessary for every business from experts
  • Learn the difference between sales and marketing
  • Understand how sales and marketing need to be in sync for effective business growth

Speaker(s) at the Event

Abhay Kardeguddi

CEO, NIVA Growth Consultant

Mr. Abhay Kardeguddi is the CEO and Chief Consultant-Trainer at NIVA Growth Consultants, Pune. NIVA works with a vision of “Helping Organisations GROW”. Mr. Abhay has 30+ years of rich experience in the field of Strategy, Sales, Marketing and CRM with an excellent track record. As a consultant, he has guided 250 plus organisations from diverse fields such as electromagnetic to polymers and plant nursery to software. He plays an advisory role cum faculty at reputed institutes like Symbiosis, PUMBA, Shivaji University, TISS – Mumbai and others. He has written 3 books on CRM – Customer relationship Management. He has conducted 400+ Training Workshops in India and abroad.

Program Facilitator

Dr. Anand Godse

Entrepreneur Transformation Program, deAsra Foundation

Dr. Anand Godse is an expert in the field of Psychology. Supporting entrepreneurs during their journey through soft skills, communication, emotional intelligence, and other areas of self awareness is Dr. Anand’s core expertise. He works with the transformation process for entrepreneurs by working on their personal growth, behavior, professionalism, team building, confidence, entrepreneurial mindset as well as satisfaction and happiness during work. He is also specialized in working with young entrepreneurs and college students during their early phase of entrepreneurship.


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Sales for Growth

Language of delivery: Hindi & English

10:30 am - 11:30 am

18 Aug 2022

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