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Only 37% of your sales people are best and consistently effective sales people. Only10% to 20% of sales meetings convert into sales. There are particular behavior tendencies of sales person in sales meeting which segregates the best from the rest.

This is where the managers have a larger role to play, they can effect changes in their current team and increase productivity upto 30%

Key Takeaways

  • Small Business Entrepreneurs
  • Sales managers
  • Sales team leaders
  • Sales person in team handling role
  • Senior sales managers
  • Sales people in leadership role


  • Transform raw sales team into experts
  • Increase closing % of sales meeting
  • Increase productivity of sales team upto 30%
  • Increase number of star performers in your team
  • Reduced attrition of sales people

Key Takeaways

  • Know the 8 types of sales people in your team
  • Skill set these 8 types of sales people have
  • How to manage the 8 types of sales people
  • 7 highly impactful skills of consistently productive sales person
  • Analyzing and rectifying the reasons of non-effective sales person in sales meeting
  • Techniques to do behavioral changes in sales person to increase productivity
  • Understanding & applying the trigger points of sales person to increase productive


  • Power point presentation
  • Live examples
  • Interactive & mock sessions
  • Videos


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Sales Leadership: The Game changer

Language of delivery: Hindi & English

4:30 am - 11:30 am

06 Jun 2022

Navalmal Firodia Seminar , MCCIA Trade tower, A wing, 5th Floor ,Senapati Bapat Road , Pune -411016