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Every business needs planning at all stages. A new business needs planning to get started and make a mark in the market while the existing business needs planning to scale the business. This planning includes various aspects – financial planning, team planning, resources allocation and much more. This session will throw light on various important aspects of business planning.

Who should attend

Do you have a business idea of your own? Then you may need to know about its financial viability and feasibility.

We welcome all entrepreneurs who want to ensure that they have put everything in place and that they will be able to understand the importance of Business Planning.

Takeaways from the event

  • Learn about the finalization of proposed business ideas, the process of collecting and putting together necessary information for understanding a business’ financial viability
  • Understand the importance of financial viability/feasibility of business
  • Learn about the essential steps to take before starting a business

Speaker(s) at the Event

Prakash Agashe

Project Manager, deAsra Foundation

Prakash has been working with deAsra for 6 years in the Entrepreneur facilitation team. He facilitates deAsra’s services to entrepreneurs to start or grow their businesses. At present, as the Product Owner of the Funding vertical, he undertakes the responsibility for creating programs and looks after the delivery of various services which fall under it. He is a professional internal service provider for preparing fund-ready proposals for entrepreneurs. He is a certified credit counselor and has completed a Master’s degree in Commerce.

Sudhir Gijare

deAsra Expert - Banking & Finance

Gijareji is one of deAsra’s valued experts, who brings with him a rich experience of 40+ years in industrial finance, risk management, credit management, international banking and more. During his tenure with State Bank of India (SBI), he launched the first of its kind online vendor finance portal for ease of credit assessment and management. He is keen towards mentoring entrepreneurs and assessing their techno economic viability for appropriate funding arrangements and financing SMEs.


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Understand Business Planning to Start & Grow Your Business

Language of delivery: Hindi & English

10:30 am - 11:30 am

29 Sep 2022

Zoom Platform