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Instamojo will be going live with Harsh Lal, the founder of India’s largest fan merchandise destination – ‘The Souled Store’.

Discover the behind-the-scenes of building such an aspirational brand.

In this webinar, you can also directly ask team Souled Store, everything you want to know about merchandising, funding and marketing tactics while managing an omnichannel business.

Agenda of the webinar

  • The growth story of Souled Store
  • Building a brand from scratch
  • Social media & influencer marketing tactics
  • Licencing and merchandising
  • Entrepreneurial success hacks

Learn the ultimate business strategies to build a brand that is loved and adored by millions of Indians.

A freebie at the end of the webinar.

With more than 150+ licences and partnerships, The Souled Store is a multicrore DTC apparel and lifestyle brand that started out online but is now expanding to a robust physical presence.


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Unlocking business secrets of ‘The Souled Store’

Language of delivery: Hindi & English

10:30 am - 11:30 am

23 May 2022

FB Live