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As we are aware, Google has become an important part of our lives. To search information, to transfer money, to find some location, there are so many things we can depend upon Google. There are 219 countries worldwide, Google is active in & contributing across many sectors. Out of 200+ tools Google has developed, we are not even using 5% of them effectively.  Google has contributed very effectively into various sectors.  In the current pandemic situation, in the last almost two years, Google has come up with very unique tools, which have helped people to ease their working irrespective of the domain or level they are working.

Who can attend

  • Micro & Small Scale Industry Owners
  • Industrial Manufacturers, Traders, Wholesalers, Retailers, Distributors
  • Various Service Providers
  • Administrative, Marketing, Supervisory Staff from all types of industries


  • To relate principles of effectiveness at work place & the vision of the organization with application of Google tools.
  • To introduce Google Tools for effective online as well as offline working.
  • To introduce Google Tools for allied activities in office like administration, documentation, conducting surveys, taking reviews, creating office documentation, study material and various business presentation.
  • To make trainees acquainted with hands-on skills of Google Tools.

Takeaways of the session
With this training, trainees can increase their productivity, techno savviness, skills, profitability in terms of efficiency. Similarly they can reduce their working hours with the help of Google Tools & personal involvement in various processes.

Contents :
Google Docs

Google Docs is an online word processor that lets you create and format documents and work with other people.

  • Create project report, project proposal, resume, letters, meeting notes, newsletters, manuals
  • Create Brochure, Template & Flyers
  • Unlimited typing without troubling fingers
  • Real time sharing & working

Google Slides
Google Slides is an online presentation app that lets you create and format presentations 
and work with other people.

  • Create Business presentations, Photo album, case study, profile, employee certificate
  • Create Portfolio
  • Product Album
  • Use of features like – Audio Visual effects, Motion effects, Trimmed videos
  • Real time sharing & working

Methodology :

Project Based learning
Course is designed with a blended approach of theory and practical.
This course emphasizes individuals in building up problem solving abilities, 
critical thinking and strong approach towards real-life problems.

2 days session – 17th & 18th May 2022


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Use of Google Docs and Google Slides in your daily work

Language of delivery: English, Marathi & Hindi

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

16 May 2022

MCCIA Digital Platform