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The beauty of Excel lies in its ability to simplify various tasks like filling out the ledger sheets, calculating and recalculating totals, applying formulae and get desired results.  However, the true power lies much beyond this.  Excel has capability to use as Decision Support System – DSS tool.  This Workshop will provide you an opportunity to get overview of various features of MS Excel which could be applied in your day-to-day work.  The demonstration will be based on MS Office 2010 version.  The tentative lists of contents that will be covered in the two day workshop are available at the bottom of this communication.
Participants are requested to bring their own laptop for better understanding and practical experience.  The participants may also bring with them live data pertaining to their organization for study & demonstration purpose and to work out better solutions.  The participants should be conversant with basic operations of MS Excel.

Key Takeaways

  • Working with Advance Charts Column
  • Working with Advanced Functions
  • Advance Formulae (Text & Numeric)
  • Data Validation.


  • Basic exposure to Microsoft Excel
  • Handling multiple worksheets
  • Basic understanding of functions and formulae.

Participation Certificate will be awarded to the participant!


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Workshop on “Advanced MS Excel” (Day 1)

Language of delivery: Hindi & English

4:30 am - 12:30 pm

23 Jun 2022

Bajaj Conference Hall, No. 2, MCCIA Trade Tower (5th Floor), Maharashtra