” An area of concern for my business had always been managing my cash flow as I had to give a 90-day credit to my buyers whereas make payments to my associate companies in a much shorter period. The deAsra team helped me procure a cash credit facility from the bank along with creating a robust project report which made my cash flow issues go away.”

Devendra Zade

Automotive dealership

Inspired by Dr. Anand Deshpande, deAsra seem to be the perfect helping hand. Expanding is a challenging task which involves a lot of risks. To reduce this risk, deAsra has been like a safe landing pad!

Rishikesh Raut

Product Designer

Thanks to deAsra, my dream of starting an export division for my Warli art business took a lift off with appropriate guidance from the deAsra team. Much appreciated!

Prashansha Muley

Decorative utilities

I was looking for assistance regarding various aspects of running and managing my business. Happy to have interacted with the deAsra team who managed to resolve my financial, recruitment, marketing and other issues and streamline my business

Shriram Kulkarni


deAsra helped me procure a loan and kickstart my franchise business. Happy to be running my own workshop and making my dreams come true!

Pratik Magdum

Four-Wheeler Repairing

deAsra confidence in me was inspiring and I could feel my lost hope and energy returning. In the days that followed towards my entrepreneurial journey, deAsra experts regularly followed up with me to help speed up my loan process. For the first time, I felt like I had a partner I could truly depends on.

Vijay Surve

Printing Press

The deAsra team studied my case and advised me to apply for a personal loan instead of the particular loan scheme that I was trying to avail. This made things easier and my loan proposal came through quickly and smoothly.

Chetan Birhade

Knight Technology Services

My passion for expanding my existing business lead me to deAsra. After the long discussion with deAsra experts the strategic guidance and road map for business growth seemed very useful. They even got my cash credit limit augmented from the bank.  Now, I am steering a thriving business and gearing up for my next big leap. I think deAsra has truly become a conduit for business expansion.

Ajay Pawar

Electrical Solutions

I started my journey from ran small stalls on the roadside at bustling locations one day, my inside craving for entrepreneur. I took a risk and buy a small shop and start Suyog Gift Gallery, I approach deAsra for obtaining loan, deAsra helped me kick-start my business dream. Now I am planning to expand my business with finance assistance of deAsra experts.

Vikas Lede

Gift Shop

The advice and hand-holding support deAsra facilitators offered was exactly what I needed to get my business on track. The team helped me fill the necessary bank documents, accompanied me to the bank, for loan. And today, my business is growing by leaps and bounds

Padma Prabhune

Photo Copying & Allied Services

“Being a fist-gen entrepreneur, my dream was to open a restaurant for night delivery services which was very challenging as a concept. It was difficult to get any loan amount sanctioned without proper guidance. Thanks to deAsra for guiding me in the right direction in terms of making a structured project report that helped me get a loan sanctioned and fulfil my dreams.”

Ashay Yegde


“With a desire to launch my business I spent all my savings in obtaining machinery for my business. It was at deAsra where I understood the importance of maintating my savings and explore other options for getting a loan. deAsra’s guidance helped me get my desired loan sanctioned and explained expense management for the future which was very useful.”

Supriya Jagdale

Samruddhi Udyog

“Along with guidance in funding and managing finance, it was the trust and faith deAsra showed in me and my business that helped me build and expand my mess food services.”

Anita Hature

Atharva Mess

“From making the project report, proper documentation required for my business set-up, and explaining various funding options, deAsra’s backing in setting up the travel business from scratch was commendable. “

Arun Pardeshi

PRK Tours and Travels

“Inspite of having adequate experience and skills, having correct machinery to get your final product in place is essential for a designing business. I am thankful to deAsra for offering their support in documentation and funding for obtaining a loan to start my business with proper machinery in place.”

Chetan Merurkar

Shree Graphics

“I required guidance in terms of employment generation, creating customer base when I approach deAsra. I was satisfied and convinced once all my queries were clarified with concerns to obtaining a loan for growing my existing business. deAsra’s guidance made me less risk averse.”

Darshan Rambole 

Kshan Tech, Baner

“With lack of collateral, it was difficult to get a loan sanctioned from the bank for my photography business. deAsra helped me ease this process.”

Deepak More

Krishnai Anant photos service

“We wanted to open an all in one eye care service centre which required extensive detailed legal compliances and support for a loan funding amounting of 50 lakhs. deAsra’s legal guidance helped us clear the roadblocks in these process with ease. They also supported us in managing various business aspects of our health care centre.”

Dr. Abhyankar

N.E.T.R.A Eye Care

“deAsra provided an excellent base with proper mentoring, clarification on every business aspect thereby making the entire process speedy for my printing business.”

Ganesh Chandere

Vasundhara flex and Vinyle printing

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