deAsra Foundation talks with Anand – EP:4 : 100,000 dePreneurs & Ask Anand Anything

Date :

Sep 10 2020

Time :

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Address :


In continuation to the Foundation talks with Anand, this is episode 4. On the occasion of deAsra crossing 100,000 dePreneurs (users of the deAsra platform), Anand Deshpande (Founder, deAsra Foundation) and Pradnya Godbole (CEO, deAsra Foundation) reach out to everyone involved in this journey. 

This is an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to communicate their questions with Dr Anand Deshpande and benefit from his years of entrepreneurial experience. 

We will be discussing the future journey and share a few words of advice & business tips to the 100k family. We will select the best questions which people have asked for Anand to answer, and get his expert opinion. 

You can send us your entrepreneurial questions on deAsra’s WhatsApp number: +91  8669977107.

Takeaways – 

  1. Journey to 100,000 dePreneurs 
  2. AAA– Ask Anand Anything
  3. The Back on Track Program details.


Speakers :

Dr. Anand Deshpande, ( Founder, Chairman and MD of Persistent Systems Limited. Founder, deAsra Foundation. )

Since its inception, Dr Anand Deshpande is responsible for the overall leadership, strategy and management of Persistent Systems. As a true technology visionary, Anand’s strengths lie in identifying and investing in next-generation technologies and encouraging internal entrepreneurship. He started deAsra Foundation in 2015 to focus on creating self-employment at scale.

MS. Pradnya Godbole ( CEO - deAsra Foundation )

Ms Pradnya Godbole is the CEO of deAsra Foundation, a non-profit company formed to contribute to social welfare by enabling entrepreneurship. She is also the recipient of the Phoenix leading lady award 2020 in the category of social change for entrepreneurship development. Under her leadership, deAsra has helped more than 1 Lakh entrepreneurs to start, manage and grow their businesses.Her vision is to help entrepreneurs think about business in a more structured and predictable manner.

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