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Funding for Small Business to support the spirit of Women Entrepreneurship.

Women entrepreneurship is growing rapidly and this is a tool that will help them progress. Along with talent, skills and confidence, women need funds to step into the role of an entrepreneur. This session is especially for the Women out there who wish to make it big in the entrepreneurial world! 

Learn all about Funding your Small Business from our experts Mr Prakash Agashe and Mr Sudhir Gijare and get answers to all your Funding related queries.

 (Women attendees only)

Who Should Attend – 

  1. New business aspirants.
  2. Women entrepreneurs who are already running a business.


  1. Basic concepts of funding e.g. margin money, guarantee, subsidy, capital, fixed assets, recurring and fixed costs etc.
  2. What are the various funding sources? (E.g. Nationalized banks, Co-op Banks, NBFC’s)
  3. Funding eligibility for New and Existing Businesses.
  4. How does a funding agency analyze your funding proposal?
  5. Documents required to acquire funds. (The process, required documents/ paperwork)



Jul 27 2020


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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