Zoom Live on How to do Whatsapp marketing – Live chat with 2 Businesses

Date :

May 12 2020

Time :

5:00 pm - 5:45 pm

Address :


WhatsApp has now become a powerful business communication channel which makes it easy to connect and communicate with customers. Learn how to promote your business on WhatsApp with our 30-minute Zoom session. 

Plus 2 business owners get a chance to interact with our Digital Marketing Guru Bhaskar Thakur in a live chat, solve their Facebook doubts and get their business rolling.

Who should attend

  1. Small business owners who want to take their business online.
  2. Small business owners who want to start WhatsApp promotion for their business.


  • Make a questionnaire about business details
  • Send to everyone via email, Facebook, WhatsApp
  • 2 lucky winners will get to interact live.
  • Everyone who fills the questionnaire and attends the session gets  FREE Smart Marketers Handbook.

Takeaways from the workshop 

  • How to use WhatsApp to grow your business
  • How to make sales, take orders on WhatsApp
  • Solving all the doubts about WhatsApp marketing
  • 2 business owners will get a chance to interact with our Digital Marketing Guru Bhaskar Thakur

And a Bonus! Get FREE Smart Marketers Handbook .. with expert tips at the end of the seminar.

Outline of the Workshop: – 

  • 35 minutes session
  • First 20 mins – All about WhatsApp Marketing
  • Next 15 mins – Live interaction with 2 businesses

Speakers :

Bhaskar Thakur ( Co-founder and CEO of upGrowth, a full-service Online Marketing company )

Bhaskar is a Seasoned Digital Marketer with a demonstrated history of turning around and scaling online businesses. In his over 22 years of entrepreneurship and digital marketing career, Bhaskar has worked with large enterprises, startups and small and medium businesses helping them scale and grow online.

Dr Anand Godse ( Consulting health psychologist, a doctorate in Suryanamaskar and mental health )

Dr. Anand Godse leads the entrepreneur program at deAsra. He has more than 12 years of experience in teaching, training, research, coaching and counselling. He has facilitated more than 1000 drum circles with more than 350 organizations and has conducted around 150 training programs

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