Documentation and Compliances for various Export & Imports & Role and Services of ECGC & EXIM Bank

MCCIA is pleased to announce the last and Twelfth Training Programme in the Series of  12 Training Programmes on various aspects of International Business.  The training will focus on Documentation and Compliances under Foreign Trade Policy and Procedures and for Export Promotion Schemes”, Customs Documentation for Exports and Imports as well as  “Role and Services of ECGC” and “Role and Services  of EXIM Bank”.

Key Takeaway –

  • Briefing on Foreign Trade Policy and Procedures
  • Documentation for various Incentive and Promotional Schemes under Foreign Trade Policy (mainly Advance Authorisation and EPCG).
  • Duty Drawback Scheme and its documentation.
  • RoDTEP Scheme
  • Compliances relating to the incentives Schemes
  • Customs Documentation for Exports and Imports
  • Role and Services offered by Export Credit Guarantee Corporation.
  • Role and Services offered by Exim Bank


  • Mr. P. Ravindranathan is a General Manager of Serum Institute of India in charge of Special Economic Zone of the Company.
  • Mr. Rajdeepak Bhargava – Avignon Shipping
  • Ms. Chitra Raste – She is currently Regional Head of Export Import Bank of India, Pune
  • Mr. Sirsendu Mukherjee  – He is currently the Branch Manager of ECGC Ltd.

WhatsApp for Business Training


We all are used to WhatsApp in our daily routine. Then how about using it for your business marketing and growth? WhatsApp for Business is a specially created application similar to the WhatsApp we use but with few additional features that are useful for small business to list the product, market the business and connect with customers. This program will help you understand how to create you WhatsApp for Business Account and how to use it for growing your business.

Who Should Attend

  • Owners of product-based business
  • Owners of service-based business
  • Professionals

Takeaways from the program

  • Introduction to various features of WhatsApp for Business
  • How to generate, convert & retain lead through WhatsApp
  • Special tips for using WhatsApp for marketing during Diwali

Build a Successful Business with ‘Branding’


All the entrepreneurs wish to have their business recognized as a brand. You must be wanting the same, right?

Branding your business means making your products and services known to people. It acts as the unique identity of your products and services and helps you expand your businesses with recognition. Branding needs to be planned and conducted with focus on the uniqueness of your business. We bring to you an expert who will guide you the best about branding as a concept and much more!

Who Should Attend

  • Owners of product-based business
  • Owners of service-based business
  • Professionals

Takeaways from the program

  • How a small business can become successful if branding is done
  • Branding strategy – what should be done, why and how it should be done

Festive Edit – Aswamedh Expo – ‘Pre-Expo Meet – Get Exhibition Ready!’


Exhibition is one of the best platforms to make your business visible to masses. If you are participating in the exhibition, you should be able to make the best out of it!

Let us help you to know how to do it.

Come join us and ‘Get Exhibition Ready’

Key Takeaways

  • Tips to set-up attractive stalls
  • Things to do Pre-during-post exhibition
  • Branding and Packaging tips
  • Sales Strategies & Marketing

Organized by – deAsra Foundation

In association with – Ashwamedh Expo

Join us and avail ‘Free deAsra Business Listing’ and subscription to ‘eYashaswi Udyojak’ magazine!

Google My Business Listing Program

Event Details

Google My Business gives your business visibility, bringing it to the notice of anyone who is interested and in the vicinity of your location. It allows you to get a spot on Google maps and also lets you update photos, contact information, etc. Having an active and dynamic Google My Business page helps to acquire new customers from the locality the business is situated in. The only requirement is to know the features and best practices of this platform.

Who should attend 

  • New business owners who wish to create online presence
  • Growing business owners who wish to capture nearby market
  • Businesses who wish to showcase their products & reviews to local customers

Takeaways from the event 

  • Create a Google My Business page
  • Create a basic website for your business
  • Understand how to keep your Google My Business page active
  • Make your business visible on Google

Full Day Training Session on Digital Sales

Event Details

Digital Selling is about leveraging your social network to nurture lasting relationships amplifying trust to build sales pipeline and grow revenue. Social selling is change in approach to customer acquisition, retention, marketing strategy and sales funnel. Sales teams need to focus on customer acquisition but with every sales rep being a content creator and leveraging right connections.

This mastery will help sales guys to –

  • Digital Sales – Account Selection / Account Prioritization / Compelling Stories
  • Digital Sales Funnel
  • Digital Prospecting
  • Account Management and Engagement
  • Upsell

About the Masterclass
Serial Entrepreneur, author, Keynote speaker and coach Amit Jadhav teaches you the craft of customer acquisition with the fine art of leveraging social connections with the content sauce. Amit teaches how putting a purposeful digital strategy augmented with lead generation can make all the difference in your sales pipeline. This Masterclass is a distilled experience of 20 years of learning technology sales marketing into a concise, actionable, result oriented experience that will transform your sales and marketing efforts. This is the blueprint version of, a technique used by successful professionals and corporations designed by Amit Jadhav. This is not a powerpoint based Masterclass, this is a real kickass ‘do-it’ approach to real time outcome based results. All the material provided (this is world class) including Pre-Masterclass online homework will be an experience you must have never gone through. It involves sync approach of data, customer intent recognition – intervention tools, identify the right pieces of content as per buyer persona and many other aspects.

Major Takeaways

  • Optimize and make social profiles more customer-centric
  • Find buyers and conduct digital research
  • Engage buyers effectively
  • Share content, develop relationships and more!
  • Know and implement real workable strategies to acquire customers
  • Tools to help you create your content including graphics, media, copywriting all with no prior experience.
  • Proven techniques on LinkedIn with workable messaging templates and engagement tactics to grow your lead generation efforts.

Who Should Attend

  • If you are on LinkedIn, Facebook and want to grow business but are stuck this is for you.
  • If you are an entrepreneur struggling with multiple responsibilities and are looking to outsource your sales to the ‘internet’ this is for you.
  • If you’re responsible for sales or marketing whatever your level is be it VP or rep. close your eyes, this is for you.
  • If you are a SME in B2B and are looking to automate your social presence this is for you.
  • If you are in the media or in a business where the internet is medium, this is for you.

How to Market Your Business on Facebook

Event Details

Learn how to use Facebook for marketing your business. Facebook helps to create awareness about your brand, generate leads and sometimes even purchase. The platform also helps you to reach customers across the globe.

‘How to Market Your Business on Facebook’ is an expert-led session that helps you learn all about the features and best practices of the channel, and take your business to greater heights.

Who is it For?

  • New business owners
  • Existing business owners

Key Takeaways

Learn how to:

  • Set up your shop on Facebook
  • Create a Facebook page
  • Keep your page active
  • Effectively use Facebook for marketing and growth

Sales for Growth

Event Details
Sales is a very important element for a business to grow and develop. We often confuse sales with marketing. These two activities go hand in hand but have a very thin line between. Sales is more about understanding the customer, their needs, their taste and building a relation with the prospective customer, while marketing is about catering to the customer needs by placing the product to fulfill those needs. Small businesses must concentrate on the Sales pattern of their business keenly in order to grow.

Who should attend

  • New micro & small businesses who wish to build a strong & sustainable sales pattern
  • Existing micro & small businesses who wish to experiment new sales techniques for growth of the business

Takeaways from the event

  • Understand what kind of sales is necessary for every business from experts
  • Learn the difference between sales and marketing
  • Understand how sales and marketing need to be in sync for effective business growth

Introduction to Amazon Saheli – Cohort II

About Amazon Saheli

Launched in 2017, Amazon Saheli is a program to enable women entrepreneurs to build and scale their businesses with Amazon. Amazon Saheli helps women solopreneurs, women-led small businesses and organizations supporting women empowerment (NGOs, NFPs, Government bodies) by providing market linkage and discoverability for their products and helping them increase their footfall to millions of Amazon customers in India. Additionally, in order to help these women launch their businesses online easily, we also provide imaging and cataloguing services at launch, apart from free training to help them understand the nuances of online selling and thereby, grow their businesses on

Who can attend

  • Women entrepreneurs across India having product business

Takeaways from the Introductory session

  • Amazon for women entrepreneurs.
  • About Amazon and Amazon Saheli Program & its benefits.
  • Personnel and product eligibility.
  • Onboarding process of Amazon Saheli Program.
  • Complimentary support for Amazon Global Selling*


How to drive demand and growth for your eCommerce business

Key Takeaways

  • Leverage different features of Instagram & Facebook
  • Maximize online store sales with omnichannel marketing
  • Utilize data-led consumer insights to drive demand
  • Run high conversion ads
  • Move from the discovery stage to completed purchases

Ms. Rutuja Kagwade, the Strategic Partner Manager at Meta will be joining us LIVE to show us how consumer behaviour data can be leveraged to personalise product offerings to consumers on social media.