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All the entrepreneurs wish to have their business recognized as a brand. You must be wanting the same, right?

Branding your business means making your products and services known to people. It acts as the unique identity of your products and services and helps you expand your businesses with recognition. Branding needs to be planned and conducted with focus on the uniqueness of your business. We bring to you an expert who will guide you the best about branding as a concept and much more!

Who Should Attend

  • Owners of product-based business
  • Owners of service-based business
  • Professionals

Takeaways from the program

  • How a small business can become successful if branding is done
  • Branding strategy – what should be done, why and how it should be done

Speaker(s) at the Event

Nandita Khaire

Expert - Branding & Marketing

She has managed an advertising agency for more than 25 years and is now a consultant to B2B and B2C SMEs in marketing & branding, Go To Market (GTM), and business strategy.  She is also the Director of Business and Corporate strategy at UJA – Udyen Jain & Associates. She has been closely with Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture (MCCIA) and also writes for their magazine ‘Sampada’ on branding for SMEs. She is currently a mentor at Malhotra Weikfield Foundation.

Program Facilitator

Dr. Anand Godse

Entrepreneur Transformation Program, deAsra Foundation

Dr. Anand Godse is an expert in the field of Psychology. Supporting entrepreneurs during their journey through soft skills, communication, emotional intelligence, and other areas of self awareness is Dr. Anand’s core expertise. He works with the transformation process for entrepreneurs by working on their personal growth, behavior, professionalism, team building, confidence, entrepreneurial mindset as well as satisfaction and happiness during work. He is also specialized in working with young entrepreneurs and college students during their early phase of entrepreneurship.


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Build a Successful Business with ‘Branding’

Language of delivery: Hindi & English

10:30 am - 11:30 am

06 Oct 2022

Zoom Platform