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Unlocking the
Potential of
Young Minds.

Specialised bootcamps and expert
guidance to master entrepreneurship
as the ultimate life skill

Who is it for?


& Postgraduate students


Highlights of INSPIRE

Empower Your Choices: Uncover Essential Life Skills for Decisive Living and Greater Rewards!
Discover practical skills that amplify the strength of your choices, leading to a life with fulfillment. This isn’t just a program—it’s your journey to a brighter, more rewarding future.

Everyday Entrepreneurship: Discover the Power of Business Acumen in Your Daily Life.
It’s an exciting exploration of how adding a touch of entrepreneurship can turbocharge your daily experiences.

Play to Prosper: Transform Learning with Games and Group Activities for Real-World Entrepreneurial Skills.
Learning doesn’t have to be boring! Jump into our program and experience a new way to learn entrepreneurship. It isn’t just about learning; it’s about having fun and gaining excellent practical skills that set you up for success.

Beyond Training: Access an Ecosystem Tailored for Your Entrepreneurial Journey’s Success!
It’s about connecting with a whole network of people who want to see you succeed. Unlock resources, guidance, and a supportive community for your entrepreneurial journey!

Unlock your Business Potential through our modules



Orientation session



Orientation session



Ultimate Version / Mastery Edition

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Social Champ

17 Feb 2023

10:00 pm onwards

Hindi & English

Grow your business with Instagram Marketing

26 Jan 2023

9:30 pm onwards

Hindi & English

Forward Trail



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Inspire Diaries

“Participating in the boot camp was a game-changer for me. I not only learned life skills I was unaware of but also discovered how these skills could shape my entrepreneurial mindset. The sessions made understanding basic business skills easy, providing me with practical knowledge I was missing. This boot camp truly demystified the world of entrepreneurship and made the whole journey feel accessible and exciting.”
Anand Dalvi

Inspire Diaries

“Thanks to the boot camp, understanding the entrepreneurial mindset and the intricacies of entrepreneurship became remarkably straightforward. The interactive and practical-based approach instilled confidence in me, and now I feel more equipped to embark on the journey of becoming an entrepreneur in the near future. The experience has truly inspired me, and I’m now striving towards making my entrepreneurial dreams a reality.”
Madhuresh Shah

Inspire Diaries

“Exploring financial modeling in the additional sessions has been invaluable to my entrepreneurial journey. The insightful content, expert delivery, and interactive, practical approach have significantly boosted my confidence. The assignments and exercises provided a hands-on experience, making the learning process engaging and relevant. Thanks to this comprehensive experience, I am now more certain and enthusiastic about my path to becoming an entrepreneur soon. Grateful for the expertise and knowledge shared in these sessions!”
Shalmali Shinde

Inspire Diaries

“The boot camp has been a transformative experience for me. Not only did I learn how life skills can shape my entrepreneurial mindset, but I also gained insights into basic business skills I was unaware of. The sessions made understanding entrepreneurship a breeze, boosting my confidence to envision myself as an entrepreneur in the near future. Before the boot camp, business wasn’t on my radar, and now, it’s become a promising avenue that I’m actively considering. The content was insightful, expert facilitation enhanced my learning, and the practical approach and engaging assignments made the entire journey immensely valuable. Inspired and motivated, I’m now keen to explore various entrepreneurial options!”
Nikita Shinde

Inspire Diaries

“Unlocking the secrets to financial growth in business through the finance model has been a game-changer for me. The boot camp not only introduced me to crucial life and business skills I was unaware of but also made understanding the entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurship a seamless experience. The expert’s delivery and facilitation and the interactive and practical-based approach, have significantly boosted my confidence. Engaging assignments provided hands-on learning experiences, transforming my perspective towards entrepreneurship positively. Now, I am well-equipped and optimistic about starting my business soon.”
Nikhilesh Shivtare