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What is Barcode Application?

A barcode essentially is a way to encode information in a visual pattern that a machine can read. The combination of black and white bars (elements) represents different text characters which follows a set algorithm for that barcode type. It is essentially the information of that product, like price, quantity, name of the product, etc.

Takeaways from this checklist

  1. Importance of barcode.
  2. Types and benefits of barcoding.

Benefits of getting a barcode

Helps with faster listing of products on e-commerce platforms.

Meets prerequisite to doing business with modern trade retailers.

Facilitates accurate and faster billing at retail billing counters.

Enables automated data capture with 100% information accuracy. This helps eliminate human errors, offering a reliable way to read encoded information.

Ensures correct consignment dispatches as per customer orders.

Supports accurate real-time stock management for manufacturers/suppliers and retailers.

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