Business Plan Expansion Checklist

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What our entrepreneurs say...

” An area of concern for my business had always been managing my cash flow as I had to give a 90-day credit to my buyers whereas¬†make payments to my associate companies in a much shorter period.¬†The deAsra team helped me procure a cash credit facility from the bank along with creating a robust project report which made my cash flow issues go away.”

-Devendra Zade

Inspired by Dr. Anand Deshpande, deAsra seem to be the perfect helping hand. Expanding is a challenging task which involves a lot of risks. To reduce this risk, deAsra has been like a safe landing pad!

-Rishikesh Raut

What is Business Planning at the expansion stage?

Business planning for expansion means study of the business growth strategy which includes increasing the physical presence (i.e. number of stores) and product development wherever required.

Takeaways from this checklist

  1. Factors considered for business expansion.
  2. List of documents required for the Project report.

Benefits of Business Planning for Expansion

Helps to understand the viability of expansion strategy.

Helps to allocate the resources and time.

Helps to identify the market demand for expansion.