Packaging & Labelling Checklist
food packaging and labelling

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What is Packaging and Labelling?

The Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) Regulations have set certain norms and standards on how and in which manner the products should be packed and labelled before selling. These regulations are mandatory.
Some guidelines are generic and applicable to all type of products, whereas some guidelines are applicable only if your product is of that category i.e. a food product or a liquid product. Some guidelines are applicable to products of certain shape or size.

Takeaway from this checklist

  • Basic guidelines of Labelling & Packaging.

Benefits of Packaging and Labelling

A product label gives the consumer information about the content of the product, its specifications, price etc. and it helps the consumer in deciding whether to buy the product.

Attractive packaging can boost a products sale, hence deciding right packaging style is necessary.

Product security can be provided through packaging.

Good quality of packaging keeps the product from going bad.

Packaging and labeling also helps in branding and marketing of the product.