Guidelines For Restarting Jewellery And Clothing Business

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Restarting Fashion & Jewellery Business

With the unexpected global situation, most of the businesses have been affected. The demand for essential as well as non-essential services has reduced. Fashion and Jewellery are typically considered as non-essentials and this makes it more challenging for such businesses to get back to normal. While restarting such a business, it is advisable to study the current market trends and if necessary, modify some of the business operations to avoid risks.

Takeaways from this checklist

  1. Factors to be considered while re-opening or restarting the business.
  2. A comprehensive questionnaire covering various business operations like sanitation, product safety, marketing, etc.

Benefits of these Guidelines

  1. Helps to reduce risks of mismanagement and safety hazards.
  2. Helps in optimizing and streamlining business operations.