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Business as seen from the lens!

deAsra Foundation’s Seminar on ‘How to start a Photography Business’ had the auditorium buzzing with an audience that came from all walks of life – working, independents, young, old, men, women, ad agencies, students, businessmen – different people into wildlife, street, travel, food, nature photography and all sorts of photographers, who had a love for the lens.

On 25th March 2016, Sameer Belvalkar, an accomplished photographer held the audience spellbound as he spoke about photography and the do’s and don’ts of starting and running a photography business. It was his 2 decades plus of hands-on experience as an entrepreneur that gave the audience tips that no book could give.

He spoke well and to the point. The audience went back with several workable, simple yet effective tips for a successful photography business. Some of them are reproduced verbatim below:

  • One must have his or her own domain name.
  • One should be well groomed.
  • No work is small work, take all the work.
  • Calculate costing very well.
  • Since photography is competitive- expand your horizons by providing services like Models, F&B, any other help so you become a one-point contact for the client and reduce their stress, take risks and keep doing good work.

deAsra Foundation in association with MIT School of Photography had organized this seminar for budding and accomplished photographers who wanted to start or scale up their business as photographers. The deAsra team gave the audience information on how deAsra Foundation could help them in setting up their business, running it and scaling it up as they grew. Senior expert from deAsra, Anil Pathak, talked about two case studies- Rahul Kawade and Deepak More, both deAsra enabled candidates who were also present at the occasion. Both of them now own a flourishing photography business.

The audience went back immensely satisfied and hopeful of soon starting their own business. We now look forward to many of these excellent photographers to come to us and allow us an opportunity to help them also succeed as good businessmen.

Cheers to entrepreneurship!

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