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Filing Income Tax Returns is essential, whether you want to claim income tax refund, be eligible for easy loan processing or simply avoid penalties. Subject to certain conditions, ITR Filing is mandatory. We offer professional assistance to file returns for your business in a hassle-free way!

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Financial Records


You can provide financial records of the year for which the ITR has to be filed.



Financial records of the year are required to file your ITR.

Bank Statements


You can provide supporting documents such as bank statements or invoices etc. (If required)



Bank statements & other supporting documents are required to file your ITR.


“Financial Year (FY)” is the year starting on 1st April and ending on 31st March. The “Assessment Year (AY)” is the year coming after the FY. Financial Year is the year in which the income is earned and the Assessment Year is the year in which the income is assessed and tax returns are filed.

Yes, if possible you should always keep digital copies of filed ITR as they might be required for reference purposes. However, if it is not possible to maintain them in such a format, then you should keep their copies at least for the next 8 years.

Yes, the entire process is online and it can be filed through the official website Also, you can pay your income tax liability online. Furthermore, the acknowledgement copy of the filed ITR can also be downloaded through the official website.

Few important forms are as follows:

  • ITR 3: For individuals and HUFs having income from a proprietary business or profession
  • ITR 4: For Business & Profession to whom presumptive taxation is applicable and hence, are not required to maintain books of accounts.
  • ITR 6: For Companies