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Shop Act Intimation

Shop Act Intimation is a mandatory Labor Law compliance for all businesses located within municipal limits of Maharashtra. It is a legal compliance requirement for businesses in Maharashtra.

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Your business is located within the State of Maharashtra and within municipal limits



If your business is located outside municipal limits of Maharashtra, then the Shop Act is not applicable. Also, deAsra’s Shop Act Intimation service is limited to businesses located in the state.

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You have less than 10 employees



Shop Act Intimation does not apply to your business. You must apply for Shop Act Registration – currently not offered by deAsra

Details about Shop Act Intimation

Applicability and obligations vary from State to State

Online applications accepted in Maharashtra

Mandatory for businesses operating within municipal limits in Maharashtra

deAsra offers Shop Act assistance to businesses in Maharashtra only


Shop Act is a state-implemented act, hence, its applicability will change from state to state.

Currently, deAsra assists in Shop Act application for businesses located in Maharashtra only.

In the case of a food business, you must first apply for FSSAI Registration or License and then for Shop Act.

Shop Act is a legal document, wherein, the entrepreneur informs the Labour Department about the existence of his business. It is not a piece of evidence specifying the location of business. Hence, Shop Act cannot be used as a business address proof.

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