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Knight and Day, solving problems with digital technology

Computers – his first love.

Chetan Birhade was the first and only boy in school to opt for Computer Science in Std. VIII. While most of his friends aspired to pursue engineering, Chetan’s passion for computers was so strong that he was never in doubt about which career to choose. In fact, seeing his avid interest in the subject, his Computer Science teacher in Chalisgaon went out of the way to teach him some programming languages in high school!


Teaching computers – a gratifying experience

During his graduation years at Fergusson College – in Pune, Chetan started teaching computer basics to young students just to supplement the modest amount his family sent to support him. After a short stint in the Defence Services, he appeared for the entrance examination of the prestigious C-DAC institute in Pune and passed with flying colours.

After completing his course at C-DAC, Chetan was offered a job in e-learning by the illustrious Dr. Vijay Bhatkar. Chetan then spent the next few years travelling all over Maharashtra, guiding students and school teachers in the use of e-learning aids to enhance the quality of learning and teaching.

Rise of the Knight!

Soon he began helping people who faced any kind of computer related problem. From individuals to small businesses, everybody started relying on his problem solving skills. This was what gently ushered Chetan into the world of business and in 2013, Knight Technology Services was established.

Interestingly, one of his first assignments was to develop a software to manage the data of players of a football team! In due course diverse clientele and projects came his way, making his mission challenging and enjoyable.


deAsra steps in

In December 2015, he acquired space for his office in a prime location in Pune. However, now he needed money to set up his office and to buy furniture. His numerous visits to various banks to procure a loan proved futile. He lost several months of precious time in the process. Then one day, he heard about deAsra and immediately approached them for help. The deAsra team studied his case and advised him to apply for a personal loan instead of the particular loan scheme he was trying to avail of. This would be easier and save time as well, at this juncture. They also guided him on which bank to apply to. He followed their instructions and was thrilled when his loan proposal came through quickly and smoothly! soon after, the bank also extended cash credit in view of his credibility and creditworthiness.

Keeping his head on his shoulders and eyes on the future.

Chetan Birhade is a person driven more by his passion than by material success. With his team of ten, he is steering Knight Technology Solutions steadily towards bigger goals. He intends to widen his client base and is gearing up with demos, brochures and marketing tools to bring in more business. He is in regular touch with the  deAsra team and consults them from time to time.

Simultaneously, he enjoys training interns who are keen to enter this field and still spends time teaching youngsters the nuances of computers. Chetan’s humane side is never hidden even as he dons the mantles of an entrepreneur, teacher and mentor. It also reflects in his advice to Gen Next – “Don’t run after money. Work hard and money will come to you.”


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