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Prameet Sonawane – He came, he saw, he conquered.

Prameet Sonawane a young, dynamic raring-to-go entrepreneur is one of deAsra’s Special 25 impact stories. He is one among our Special 25 brigade of entrepreneurs who have been enable by deAsra in the last year, which was our first year.

When the young man came to deAsra, he was bubbling with enthusiasm; much like the soda he wanted to make and sell at his coffee and soda shop. He was a young man in a hurry and he wanted to see his coffee and soda shop up and running asap. That was his brief to us.

Naturally confident, Prameet came to us for help on how to set up his business, what funds he would need and from where he would get his funds. He met Neelima Kulkarni, our senior Udyog Guide, who would guide him and even hand hold him in his journey.

So while Prameet was youth personified, Neelima was calm personified. A great temperamental balance for Prameet’s first step in the world of business. Right from visiting his planned venue of setting up his shop, to trying to persuade him to set up his coffee shop first and then later invest in his soda machine, to helping him identify how he would put up his signage in front of his shop and then of course the critical funding, deAsra’s Neelima, his Udyog Guide and ‘Maushi’ (Aunt) as he addressed her, guided Prameet. She advised him to choose a slightly different place for his business, although on the same street, use the tree in front of his shop as a kind of hangout place for his patrons and helped him get the required funds.

With Prameet, funds were not an issue; he could have easily borrowed from his family, but being the independent young lad, he wanted to go the traditional way. After facing rejection from one bank, he did not lose hope. Neelima Maushi was with him, he knew and went ahead. She took him to a second bank, explained his case to them and he got the loan. He was like the leader who drove his team, even the deAsra team to believing in him and ensuring he got his shop the way he wanted it -up and running quick.


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