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Santosh Shelar’s Success Story

deAsra’s timely help and advice had a two-fold impact on Santosh.  Firstly, they prevented him from starting an unsuitable business and losing hard earned money and secondly, the team helped him set up, manage and run a business that he was familiar with.

Santosh already had a well-placed job in a Thai based tour and travel agency, when a plot of vacant land in his hometown Solapur and a desire to set up a goat farming business resulted in him giving up his job and attending a training programme in goat farming.

As soon as deAsra came into the picture, they realized that it was a mistake for him to run this business. He didn’t have any practical experience nor had he ever done any kind of outdoor work.  They gave him an exercise – he was to go to a village market near Solapur and sell a stipulated number of goats.  The challenges he faced when he tried to do so opened Santosh’s eyes to the fact that goat farming was not for him.  The deAsra team then advised him to start a tour and travel business as well as a placement agency as he had the necessary knowledge and expertise in this line. Since he was operating his business from home, they further advised him to renovate one of the rooms at his residence into an office.

Santosh followed the advice given to him and today is running a successful business, thanks to deAsra’s two-fold impact. Firstly, they opened his eyes to the impracticality of running a goat farming business and secondly, they advised and helped him to run a tour and travel business and a placement agency – both businesses he was familiar with.

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