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Shubhangi Bahulekar’s Success Story

Shubhangi’s story was one of grit and determination. At a time when she was almost forced to wind up her business, Shubhangi Bahulikar needed a hand that would guide and lead her out of the depressing situation. She found that in deAsra.
An engineer by qualification, Shubhangi grew up in a family with a business background. After marriage, she wished to build a career, but was unsure as to what to do. A regular job did not interest her.

Shubhangi’s mother-in-law used to make and supply onion-garlic masala on a small, household scale. Shubhangi decided to take the same business ahead on a larger and more professional scale. Teaming up with a partner, who provided the space, Shubhangi went ahead, purchased the necessary machines and equipment and started her enterprise, Nice Spice.

Production started on a fairly large scale. Sales were not bad, but revenues were not enough to justify the investment. For the next few years, Nice Spice struggled to keep its nose above the water. Finally, Shubhangi was forced to take the painful decision to shut down the business.

Serendipitously enough, at this juncture, she came in contact with deAsra. Shri Anil Pathak, a deAsra member, personally looked into her case. He urged Shubhangi not to close down her business. The deAsra team very sensibly began extending concrete help, without burdening Shubhangi with an overload of advice.

The first step was to sever the partnership, which Shubhangi did amicably. However, this meant having to move the business to a new location, a challenge that Shubhangi tackled successfully with deAsra’s help. She found a place close to her home and moved all the machinery and some of her staff there, all set to make a fresh start!

On a visit to her unit, Mr. Pathak observed that the packing machine was defective and would have to be replaced. To Shubhangi’s dismay, the banks she approached for a loan to buy a new machine either quoted very high interest rates or rejected her application outright.

On Mr. Pathak’s advice and, with the deAsra team’s help in preparing a Project Report, Shubhangi submitted her application to Syndicate Bank. Her loan sanctioned, Shubhangi bought a new machine and the unit was ready to roll again!

deAsra now advised Shubhangi on the manufacture and sale of spices. First of all, they asked her to conduct a market survey. Besides giving her several valuable tips, they advised her to focus on institutional clients to create volume sales and boost revenues. Restaurants, diners, canteens and messes could be a significant market. Shubhangi took up this challenge and started meeting prospective institutional customers. She continues to circulate in the market for business development, while simultaneously keeping retail supplies on.

Shubhangi is playing her second innings, one that she started with deAsra’s help, with gumption. Her efforts reflect in the flourishing sales of Nice Spice! She now has further plans and newer horizons in sight. She intends to add instant foods, mixes and a variety of flours to her product range. She has decided to start her next unit in her hometown near Satara. With Shubhangi’s incessant efforts, integrity and perseverance, fortified by deAsra’s guidance, brand Nice Spice is sure to establish a name for itself in the years to come.

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