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Transforming a sticky idea into lasting success.

Transforming a sticky idea into lasting success.

As you set the temperature dial on your washing machine, have you ever wondered who makes those sleek stickers on the control panel that help you decide which button to press? Or the stickers you see on the  TV remote, microwave, oven and other gadgets? Meet Vijay Surve, the owner of a business house that specializes in the manufacture of these very industrial stickers and labels.

What doesn’t break you only makes you stronger.

Vijay Surve stepped into this business around ten years ago, in partnership with a friend. However, after seven years of successful operations, financial disputes caused a rift between the two. Vijay lost everything he had painstakingly built over the years and suffered a major emotional setback. His family and close friends were the only ones who stood by him during this trying period. However, never one to give up, Vijay  treated this setback as a stepping stone and decided to start afresh. Armed with a marketing management degree, considerable industry experience and a strong will to succeed, Vijay established his proprietary concern, Apex Imprints, in 2014. In doing so, he also laid the foundation for a long and prosperous relationship with deAsra.

Alone and no loan

The first year went by without any hiccups. But soon, Vijay realized that the only way to enhance productivity and quality was to invest in new technology and state-of-the-art machinery. The plan was perfect, but unfortunately, the banks didn’t agree. Every time he approached them for a loan, the banks responded by shutting the door in his face. It was around this time that Vijay happened to watch Dr. Anand Deshpande’s interview on TV. But recent experiences had left him cynical and he couldn’t bring himself to approach deAsra.


A hoarding and a second chance

If it hadn’t been for a chance sighting of a deAsra hoarding, this story would never have been written. But as fate may have it, when Vijay saw the hoarding, something jolted him out of his protracted lethargy and he immediately sprung into action. He approached deAsra, secretly expecting to be turned down again, but this time, he was in for a surprise.


From impossible to anything is possible

The deAsra experts heard Vijay out and weren’t fazed in the least by his numerous rejections. “Instead, they simply handed me the necessary documents and helped me fill them out. Their confidence inspired me and I could feel my lost hope and energy returning. In the days that followed, the deAsra experts regularly followed up with me to help speed up the process, which strengthened my trust in them. For the first time, I felt like I had a partner I could truly depend on.”

With everything done and dusted, Vijay finally submitted his documents to the bank, hoping for the best. To his extreme delight, the banks responded favourably. A few technical glitches came up, but with the help of the deAsra team, Vijay quickly smoothed them out. The end result? Vijay got his much-needed loan, and deAsra got the satisfaction of having enabled yet another entrepreneur.

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