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When a laundry service gets a fresh start

Meet Dattatray Nanavare, the proud owner of a venture called Aaisaheb Drycleaners, situated in Kharadi. Hailing from Pune, Dattatray has always had a keen eye for business. In 2008, he set up his own laundry service enterprise, and named it Aaisaheb Drycleaners. Aaisaheb Drycleaners services a range of items, from clothes to towels, bedsheets and curtains. Things were going smoothly, and Dattatray was beginning to relax, when life threw a curveball at him.

No growth, no funds.

After an initial period of boom, his business started plateauing, and growth became stagnant. With no increased revenue, Dattatray began struggling to pay back his loans. To grow his business he needed more funds, but with his current loan debt, and flatlining profits, getting additional funding seemed almost impossible. As did business revival. Dattatray was in despair.

Fate and perseverance lend a hand.

There are some who give up in the face of challenge, but there are others, who, when faced against Goliath, arm themselves with their finest weapons, and set out with renewed vigour. Successful entrepreneurs fall in the latter category. And so does Dattatray.
Refusing to give up, Dattatray searched high and low for help. Finally, he heard deAsra’s radio programme, and realised that the services offered by deAsra were just what he needed. He took an immediate appointment with the team and turned a fresh chapter in his life.

Getting access to money and motivation.

The deAsra team helped Dattatray apply for a loan, and despite his current debt payments, they managed to get him one. Dattatray’s joy knew no bounds! The team also helped Dattatray scale-up his business and build an eco-system of growth. Today, Dattatray’s business is steadily growing, as is his entrepreneurial skills.

“Entrepreneurship is a win-win situation.”

Dattatray believes that entrepreneurship is a win-win situation. It not only leads to profitable enterprises, but also helps create jobs in the industry. Interestingly, Dattatray also runs a parallel business as a courier agent for Amazon. His energy is indeed infectious, and will always play a major role in his business success. deAsra wishes him the very best for his future endeavours.



deAsra Foundation offers end-to- end support and guidance to emerging and existing entrepreneurs in the small scale sector. To date, we have helped 100+ entrepreneurs grow and nurture their new and existing businesses into successful businesses. Thinking of starting out as an entrepreneur? Reach out to us at 020 – 65365300/11 for personalised guidance and help.

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