Rent Agreement Drafting Checklist

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What is Rent or Leave and Licence Agreement?

It is an agreement / contract between a landlord and a tenant, whereby the landlord gives the tenant the right to occupy the premises. It is applicable for a duration/ term which is specified in the agreement.

Takeaways from this checklist

  1. Consolidated list of documents required for a Rent/Leave and Licence agreement.
  2. User gets a constitution specific document list.
  3. Information on some important clauses to be included in a Rent/Leave and Licence Agreement

Benefits of Registered Leave and Licence Agreement

Rent or Leave and Licence Agreement gives both the parties (landlord and tenant) legal rights.

Registered Rent or Leave and Licence Agreement is as an address proof that is accepted by various organizations.

The terms of the agreement set conditions on the occupant with respect to use of property, term, rent amount etc.