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Avail at just Rs 1180 per month (incl tax)

Till 28th Feb’21

Monday to Friday 10 AM to 6 PM.

Online Starter Pack

What do you get with Online Starter Pack?

1. An online presence for your business on Facebook and Google my business

2. Information updation and giving a professional look to your pages

3. Designing cover images and 4 posts with attractive content

4. Tips to increase your reach and likes on Facebook

5. Visibility on Google Maps

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5 Steps To Create An Online Presence For Your Business

Share your business information with us and we will get started within 7 working days.

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Get corresponding deliverables

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How will Online Starter Pack benefit your business?

1. Multi-platform Touch Points

Creating a presence on different social media platforms gives your business the ability to reach a larger audience.

2. Easy Access

Being present on Google My Business helps in attracting more customers, as your products/services become easily accessible. It enables you to provide information like working hours, website, contact number, etc.

3. Cost-effective

Ditch traditional marketing practices while you explore the latest and most effective online strategies to reach a wider audience.

4. Popularity Across Social Platforms

Social media presence will take you closer to your customers and help you understand their demands, the seasonal trends, and more.

5. Expert Guidance

To get you started, our experts will manage your Facebook page for 2 weeks. From them, you can learn how to attract customers with compelling content.

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6. Online Marketing Tricks

Tips, tricks and more. Get a Smart Marketers’ Handbook with marketing best practices that will help your business grow across social media channels.

Small Businesses Supported

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