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Rent or Leave and Licence Agreement Drafting

  • Drafting of Rent Agreement or Leave and Licence Agreement in English language
  • Registration of Agreement with local registrar
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Price will vary
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A Rent or Leave and Licence Agreement provides legal rights to both parties (landlord and tenant).
A registered Rent or Leave and Licence Agreement can serve as an accepted address proof for various organizations.
The agreement's terms establish conditions for the occupant, including property use, duration, and rent amount
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The lessee is the tenant who will occupy the property, while the lessor is the owner who leases their property to the lessee.
Registration process will change from state to stat
Stamp duty typically varies based on factors like rent amount, security deposit, agreement duration, and location. It differs from state to state due to each state's stamp duty rules.
If the agreement lasts for more than 12 months, it must be registered. Agreements for less than 12 months don't require registration, but registering still provides legal rights and is advisable for all parties involved

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