Udyam Registration


Why do you need Udyam Registration?

  • It provides an MSME identity to your business
  • It enables you to avail the benefits of Government schemes launched specifically for MSMEs
  • It enables you to get orders from Government departments and PSUs
  • It provides a platform for resolving problems such as delays in receiving outstanding payments
  • It qualifies your business to get various monetary benefits like subsidies/concessions on electricity bills, interest rates on bank loans, trademark/registration fees, etc.

Udyam Registration Details

  1. Applicable only to existing businesses in the manufacturing and service sectors
  2. It does not have an expiry and does not require renewal
  3. Classification of businesses as Medium, Small or Micro-enterprises is based on their turnover and investment in plant & machinery or equipment

It is not mandatory to get Udyam Registration. However, you may avail all MSME-related benefits and schemes if you are registered.

No, only existing businesses can apply for Udyam Registration.

Yes, after the 31st of March 2021 ‘Udyog Aadhaar Registration’ has been invalidated.

No, a business cannot have more than one Udyam Registration.