Marketing Material Checklist

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What is Marketing Material?

Marketing collateral is any material used to help a business advertise or communicate with business associates, potential customers or clients. It may include everything from brochures to letterheads, to banners, to direct mailers, business cards, promotional flyers etc. Marketing collaterals are ideal for maintaining a cohesive brand identity to ensure consistency in any campaign and creating a visual USP (unique seller proposition).

Takeaways from this checklist

  1. Questionnaire for Marketing Material.

Benefits of Marketing Material

It is used to communicate key benefits of your business and products in a visually compelling manner.

It plays an important role as a competitive sales aid and supports sales efforts.

It communicates superiority and competitive differentiation of particular product or service to large number of audiences.

It helps in providing different business related offers, discounts, and free coupons etc, which later enhances sales activity.

It helps to build brand identity and enhance brand recognition.

It helps in getting feedback as well as business leads from potential customer.

It kindles the interest of your prospects.

It is a great way of communicating what your business does and what do you have to offer.

It provides tangibility i.e. the look and feel creates a lasting impact on customers thereby a recall for your brand