WhatsApp for Business Training


We all are used to WhatsApp in our daily routine. Then how about using it for your business marketing and growth? WhatsApp for Business is a specially created application similar to the WhatsApp we use but with few additional features that are useful for small business to list the product, market the business and connect with customers. This program will help you understand how to create you WhatsApp for Business Account and how to use it for growing your business.

Who Should Attend

  • Owners of product-based business
  • Owners of service-based business
  • Professionals

Takeaways from the program

  • Introduction to various features of WhatsApp for Business
  • How to generate, convert & retain lead through WhatsApp
  • Special tips for using WhatsApp for marketing during Diwali

Importance of Standardization in business


Every business whether manufacturing, trading or service needs to have a standard process for all the activities involved for the delivery of product or service. If you have a business and intent to manage it smoothly and expand it seamlessly, standardization will play an important role. Learn the know how’s of standardization of processes and apply it to your business with ‘Importance of Standardization in business’ program

Who should attendĀ 

  • Business with manufacturing & trading activities
  • Professionals
  • Franchisee owners

Key Takeaways

  • Meaning of standardization
  • Importance and Benefits of standardization
  • 5 stages of standardization
  • Standardization of Process (SOP) format
  • Inclusions of SOPs and its implementation
  • Checklist and templates for various functions like Marketing, Management, Operations, Production, and Finance