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Accessing your Supply Chain function either “FIT” Or “FRAGILE” will come down, when you deal with Disruption.  In the future, disruptions will occur more frequently and Supply Chains must be able to deal with whatever is coming next.

FIT Supply Chains are able to move ahead of the competition after dealing with high-impact events while FRAGILE Supply Chains fall behind.  Fit supply chains are also more likely to focus on long-term strategies and investments rather than short-term gains

Key Takeaways
Overview of Supply Chain (SCM)

  • Definition of Supply Chain
  • Objectives of Supply Chain
  • Importance of Integrated SCM & Costs involved in Supply Chain
  • Organization & Functionality of Integrated SCM
  • Concept of MRP Revolution
  • Organization structure & functionalities involved in SCM
  • How each function of SCM will become profit center of organization?


  • Definition & Objectives of Planning function
  • Overview of Implementation ERP
  • Business process
  • Importance of Planning
  • MRP Run – schedule, Frequency
  • Concept of Lean, Six Sigma & TQM
  • Overview of JIT, KANBAN, VMI concept

Purchasing / Sourcing management

  • Basics of Purchase management
  • Process of Vendor Identification, Vendor Selection
  • Overview & discussion of Vendor Assessment & Evaluation
  • Vendor Registration process
  • Vendor Performance measurement & Rating
  • Vendor Development process
  • Contracting

Stores / Inventory management and Logistics

  • Definition of Stores / Inventory
  • Functions of Stores
  • Why Inventory is needed??
  • Layout of Stores / Warehouse, Location system
  • Transactions and Stores accounting
  • Stores accuracy – Annual stock count / Perpetual stock count / Daily cycle count
  • Losses of Stores & Prevention
  • Logistics management in supply chain

Program will be highly interactive with PPT Presentation along with Case Studies.


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Best Practices in Supply Chain for Survival and Growth

Language of delivery: Hindi & English

4:30 am - 11:30 am

05 Jul 2022

Navalmal Firodia Seminar Hall No. 4 - West, MCCIA Trade Tower (5th Floor), Maharashtra